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Leuco liquid sulphur Blue 2BN

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Leuco liquid sulphur dye is a kind of leuco liquid of sulphur dye which has been reduced.


To get the best reducing state, stable and excellent color development effect, the course of production is controlled by strict technical rules; the reducer and dosage are filter and calculated carefully.

Comparing with the sulphur dye in powder, the liquid sulphur dye has more excellent osmosis, brightly painted, excellent equalizing, simplicity of operator, convenient to use.

Because of the prereducing, less reducer or even reducer is required during use.

Comparing with vat dye and reactive dye, this product has the features of low cost, less dyeing time, convenient process.

If the product freezes in severe cold, just thaw in a warm place then shake up. Because this dye belongs to sulphur dye max, so it must be kept in shady, well-ventilated place with good encapsulation and insulation of air.
Lueco liquid sulphur dye is applicable to dip-dye, pad dying, jig dyeing and mainly used in dyeing on cotton, cotton and terylene fabric.

The use of method of lueco liquid sulphur dye refers to the application of sulphur dye in powder.

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Leuco liquid sulphur Blue 2BN

C.I.Lueco Sulphur Blue 7



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